The future of services

A tokenized financial network in Brazil for fast, cheap and secure payments.
All services registered in the Stellar network, fully in compliance with the Brazilian laws and regulations.


The perfect solution for modern payments

Launching an scalable solution quickly and affordably is important for modern startups — Bitcapital offers massive value with a complete platform.


The Future of Finance

We do believe in the creation of a new financial system.

Our platform consists in an Open Banking Platform, which provides APIs that enable third party developers to build applications and services around the Bitcapital Network. Using blockchain as a tool, our goal is to create the next generation of financial systems, with more transparency, security and scalability.


Stellar Network

BitCapital’s infrastructure system, BT Core, was created using the Stellar Network, a platform that connects banks, payment systems and people from all around the world using a blockchain and a custom built consensus protocol (called SCP).

It enables us to provide a fast, cheap and scalable solution that will revolutionize the way you exchange value.

Micro Transactions

Fast, cheap and scalable microtransactions in the Stellar blockchain.

Secure and Regulated

Compliant with the Brazilian Central Bank directives, with built in KYC and AML routines.

Simple Integration

A modern platform, with APIs, SDKs and guides for integrating with external services and Insights platforms.

Bringing the future of finance to Latin America

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